car refrigerator with compressor to coolers that can be carried on cars. Car cooler is a new generation of refrigeration and refrigeration equipment popular in the international market in recent years.
Car coolers are the continuation of household refrigerators, which can be refrigerated by semiconductor electronic cooling technology or compressor. Generally, it has less noise and less pollution. The refrigeratory can be cooled by inserting the power plug into the smoke hole.
There are mainly two kinds of car coolers on the market.
Semi-conductor Car Cooler
Its principle is to use electronic chips to refrigerate, and use P-N junctions made of special semi-conductor materials to form thermocouple pairs and produce Perthes effect. It is a new refrigeration method by DC electric refrigeration. The refrigeration temperature ranges from 5 to 65 degrees.
The advantages of this kind of car cooler are not only refrigeration but also heating, environmental protection, pollution-free, small size, low cost, no vibration, noise and long service life.
The disadvantage is that the refrigeration efficiency is not high, the cooling temperature is affected by the ambient temperature, the refrigeration can not reach below zero, and the capacity is small.
Compressor Car Cooler
The compressor is the traditional technology of the traditional cooler. The refrigeration temperature is low, which is - 18 degrees 10 degrees. Its refrigeration efficiency is high, it can make ice and keep fresh, and its volume is large. It is the mainstream direction of the development of car coolers in the future. But this kind of car cooler is heavy, inconvenient to carry and expensive. Compressors for the Compressor car coolers are mainly produced in Germany and Japan.
The Difference between Car cooler and Household cooler:
Anti-seismic and anti-shaking: Vehicle-mounted coolers have good anti-seismic performance and are suitable for use on bumpy pavement.
Battery protection: When the car refrigeratorreaches the set value of battery protection, it will automatically power off to protect the normal start of the car.
E-mark (electromagnetic interference): When the electronic control module of the car cooler works, it does not interfere with the electromagnetic of other electronic products in the car, and it will not affect the normal use of automobile batteries.
Anti-reversal protection: When the car cooler is used, slight tilt does not affect normal work. When the tilt reaches above 45 degrees, it will automatically stop working, thus protecting the compressor.
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