There are pros and cons to mini car fridge 12v and coolers. For example, mini fridges allow you to keep your items colder for a longer period. However, coolers don’t need to rely on any power sources to keep going.
Pros of Mini Fridges
Mini fridges don’t need ice; therefore, you hardly ever have to deal with draining the unit. They also cool down the interior much faster than coolers.
The temperature of a mini fridge can get all the way down into the negatives. Freeze your food for a long time before you need to change the power source.
Speaking of a power source, you can charge your fridge from your solar panels as long as the sun is around.
You can adjust everything on a mini fridge without opening the lid. Change the temperature, modes, and various other settings from the exterior screen.
Some mini fridges have two adjustable compartments to have a fridge and a freezer in one unit.
Cons of Mini Fridges
Mini fridges are much more expensive than coolers, in most cases. All of the electrical components increase the price by quite a bit.
Another con is that, due to the previously mentioned components, mini fridges are usually much heavier than coolers.
Needing a power source could be a limitation to some people, especially those who don’t want to invest in solar power.
Pros of Coolers
Coolers are lightweight, cheap, and you can put them anywhere. A power source does not tether them, so you can bring them outside of the van whenever you want to.
Ice is budget-friendly, but buying solar power can quickly exceed $1,000. If you’re on a low budget, it might be hard to justify spending so much money to power a fridge.
You can bring your cooler into a different vehicle, on a camping trip, or to a sport’s game with only a little bit of ice.
Many new coolers have tough lids that allow you to use them as a seat. You should never sit on top of a camping car freezer.
Coolers are also much more durable if you drop them. Wipe it off, and you don’t have to worry about damage to anything electrical.
Cons of Coolers
The most obvious disadvantage of coolers is that they rely on ice. Without ice, everything overheats, dries out, or spoils.
Cleaning out and draining the water from a cooler is tedious, and it makes food soggy and unappealing.
Coolers can only get as cold as the ice that they hold. In fact, they heat up quickly because the ice melts over time. You’ll never see a cooler that gets as cold as a portable mini fridge/freezer.