When does WoW: TBC Classic Phase 2 release?

The Burning Crusade Classic released earlier this year, and its initial content patch has been on live servers since early June. Classic players have been eagerly waiting for a new taste of content from Blizzard, and it finally appears as though the game’s next major patch is on the horizon. To get more news about buying world of warcraft items, you can visit lootwowgold official website.
WoW: TBC Classic’s content rollout is scheduled to take place over five “phases.” These phases will each include new raids, dungeons, and PvP seasons for players to explore and conquer. The second phase of WoW: TBC Classic has been available for testing on the game’s Public Test Realm since July 29.

No official release date has been given for Phase Two of The Burning Crusade Classic as of yet. If WoW Classic’s release timeline is to be used as a one-to-one reference, however, then Phase Two of The Burning Crusade Classic should be expected sometime in the very near future.

Phase One of WoW: Classic was live for exactly 78 days before Phase Two launched on Nov. 12, 2019. With that in mind, sometime around Aug. 18, 2021 should serve as an expected release date for Phase 2 of TBC Classic. It’s currently unclear whether Blizzard Entertainment’s widespread sexual assault lawsuit has had an impact on the development of TBC Classic’s second phase. Regardless, with the upcoming content currently available for testing, it should be assumed that Phase Two will still be on its way to live servers sometime soon.

Blizzard Entertainment has nerfed Sanctum of Domination’s Painsmith Raznal encounter almost a month after European World of Warcraft guild Echo first downed the Mythic boss. Arguably one of the most difficult bosses in Shadowlands, Painsmith Raznal has been a roadblock for some guilds, requiring a higher level of coordination than expected at that stage of the raid.

A gap will now appear in every row of spikes during stage two of the encounter on Mythic difficulty. The health of Painsmith Raznal, Spiked Balls, and Shadowsteel Horrors have also been reduced by 10 percent. These changes will take effect during the game’s scheduled weekly maintenance on Tuesday, Aug. 10 for players in North America and Wednesday, Aug. 11 for players in Europe.