As we all know, Amazon originally planned to officially launch New World on August 31, but has now postponed the release date to September 28, about a month later. The company held a closed beta from July 20th to August 2nd. Its powerful global chat function also highlights many of its shortcomings. The New World Coins For Sale game is set on the island of Aeternum, where the player creates a shipwrecked character, and must slowly become stronger over time. Players can use swords, axes, bows or guns in the game, and at the same time expose Open more world legends.

In the first mission you receive in the game, you can give the mission to a non-playable character and check your area. But if you do not accept the next mission of the character, you can open the map instead and you can see four watchtowers, all of which are available. Then you can choose the area you want to go to. It is not intuitive to exit the mission and check the map first, but with this step, you will be able to play with your friends without getting into trouble.

When I found out that I was only level 8 but entered the level 24 area, I suddenly felt that New World was like a horror survival game. A blow from a zombie will kill my character, so I climbed through the bushes and carefully kept my distance. Once, I ran past a large group of zombies and screamed. If you can find a rock short enough to skip, some mountainous terrain is expandable. But once, a wolf saw me, chased me, and killed me with one blow. This was before I unlocked camping, which was an ability that allowed players to set respawn points. When I died, the game brought me all the way back to the Monarch Cliff. I walked four kilometers.

New World is a world without mounts, and there are even legends supporting why there are no horses. Instead, the "auto-run" feature commonly found in mobile games allows you to Buy New World Coins run without pressing a button. But this is not exactly a sprint, it is another source of frustration. In New World, I started to do faction missions to upgrade and increase my position among the predators. My allegiance of choice included killing sheep, skinning and risking some mines. After completing these tasks, I received the same task again. At least in the beta version, I feel as if there is not much to do.

I like the training of MMOs and all the loot missions, jump missions and kill collection missions that make up them. Amazon developers want new players to be distributed all over the world to reduce server pressure and fill the map to make it alive, which makes sense. If you want to get a better experience from the game, it is very necessary to buy a large amount of New World Coins from NewWorldCoins, because Coins can help you quickly improve your strength.