Currently, there are nearly 400 villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and these villagers are composed of more than 30 different species. Most Players Choose ACItems to Buy Animal Crossing Bells. These species include common pets such as dogs, cows, and rabbits, and uncommon animals such as eagles, penguins, and bears. 

Usually, players search for villagers based on their personal preferences, and New Horizons' unique new villagers like Raymond the cat and Judy the bear are safely kept within a range that may be welcomed by a broad audience. However, adding villagers to existing species will prevent the introduction of new diversified options.

Many special NPC species cannot be used as villagers. These NPCs give us a glimpse of the possibilities of these species as villagers and are often welcomed by fans. Brightly colored chameleons will provide more variety to the current main furry villagers, while lazy villagers may stand out due to their unique facial features and fur patterns. Fox villagers may have a harder time resisting similar species such as cats and wolves, but if only some attractive designs are introduced, they may become another popular choice.

Currently, there are few aquatic villager species available in Animal Crossing. Although villagers based on clams or mussels will not be particularly interesting, sea turtles will be an interesting animal for which villager designs can be created. Although Tortimer, the mayor of the tortoise, is not a villager, he showed how to turn a turtle into a role for the Animal Forest Friends Association. 

Hermit crabs can also become interesting New Horizons villagers, although it can be scary for a hermit crab the size of a villager to hit a mysterious island. Choose to Buy Animal Crossing Bells is very friendly for new players. Hermit crab villagers can have unique shells to show their personality, and their claws can act like hands to manipulate the surrounding environment.