You could allow them to RuneScape gold be used in PvP and allow them to be traded. This is a valid question. However, we would like these potions only to help players who have trained for the levels. Since those who have been trained are more likely to be successful in PvE, this remains the case.

Are there other problems related to Hitpoints and Max-hit? Yes. Another factor that was thought of was the possibility that weapons could 1-hit an individual or get closer to this ability. It's not a common occurrence, but it does not mean it is impossible to achieve. This will be addressed in relation to Max-hitting/Hitpoints. We'll also examine modifications to the combat system and possibly the Defence ability.

What made you decide to make this decision, and then keep items like dragon claws or AGS as they are? Certain special attacks on weapons are more effective than others, that's the truth. Although we could look at each situation individually, things like claws have been an integral part of the game's history for over a year. As the claws and AGS are distinctly tied to a combat stat (Attack) they don't have any reason to be taken away. These items can be seen if they are being held by someone, whereas an increased stat is not.

What now? I did some training for my Herbore and had some advantages eliminated. It's ok. I have 99 Herblore and I am able to sympathize with the loss. However, we have made a decision to spend some time updating Herblore. This doesn't necessarily contradict the above points or answers. We should try to utilize this thread constructively so we can find a great potion in-game. The thread will be closely monitored so we encourage users to submit any suggestions or tradeable items.

Here are a few ideas that I have been considering (no guarantees). Potions that give the possibility of regenerating over time, heal for a specific amount of time (like half of the damage you take) or old school runescape buy gold prevent death.