Aesthetics NBA 2K does an excellent job of MT 2K22 PS4 imitating NBA arenas within the game. It's amazing to witness how much effort developers took to ensure that the arena seating and logos are perfect.

It would be a refreshing aspect to see 2K introduce new locations into the PlayNow mode. 2K Sports has previously included venues other than basketball arenas in earlier games. Rucker Park was present in the initial games in the series.

These locations bring a different dimension to the game. It's a bit boring to watch the same pictures every time you are playing. These arenas do not necessarily have to be tied to basketball but wacky places can add some variety to the game.

G-League Teams: The G-League's prominence has grown over the last few years. The G-League has grown into a genuine minor league, which is very competitive. In the past five years, the G-League champion has been won by five different teams.

The G-League is becoming increasingly popular with youngsters as a step towards the league. There have been players like Pascal Siakam who use the G-League to develop as a player prior to Buy 2K MT Xbox becoming a regular rotation player in the league.