It has become a boon for MMORPG players recently. With the sudden rise of Final Fantasy XIV, Aion Classic’s arrival, the alpha of Ashes of Creation, and the upcoming western release of Lost Ark, to name a few, gamers have plenty of exciting content to choose from. Another game that is about to be launched and aroused heated discussion in the community is Amazon's New World, which hopes to wrap the traditional MMO components in a beautiful world with fascinating gameplay. It was launched more than a month later, and we were able to access the early version of the game. Although we only have a few hours of game time, it shows our expectations well.

The first thing any good MMO needs is an in-depth character creator, and New World has this. From the beginning, in addition to facial hair, there is an amazing number of hairstyles to choose from. There are about twenty faces and many skin features, from freckles to different-looking pigment choices. Of course, you have different scars and tattoos on your character, but I hope you can modify them. Each person can only have one, and they are set on the character's face, and they cannot be moved according to their liking. There is also nobody shape, the only choice is a male or female character. After passing the character creator, we witnessed that the character heading to Aeternum was involved in a terrible storm and shipwreck in this unfamiliar new environment. Here, we embarked on an adventure into the vast open world, encountering new mysteries and dangers.

In Aion: Classics, the battle between light and darkness begins again, and experience the realm of Atreia as if it were new. The new service provided by the acclaimed MMORPG Aion provides a fresh start, as the game was originally launched in the Americas in 2009 with some additional quality of life improvements. New and old players can explore the vast and unique realm of the God of Eternity by plane, hunting, and adventurous missions, or stand aside and fight other players in the battle of light and darkness.

Aion Classic will see the return of some of the iconic dungeons from earlier games, where players can only use the original four character classes. Continuing the spirit of the classic MMORPG experience, the progress of players in "Aion" will be moderate, increasing players 'opportunities to explore the world of Asmodians and Elyos. Aion Classic is also a return to Aion's unique fissure PVP, which opens a portal between Asmodae and Elysea, providing PVP specific tasks and its own PVP currency, which can be used to purchase special rewards and also help players rank. Some players will make themselves stronger through Buy Aion Classic Kinah or Aion Classic Gold.

Players questioned whether the reported robot activity has been resolved. A member of the AION community team commented, “After reading this thread, I spoke with the main contact in the team who handled these reports and let me say that after our Discussing, it's clear that we are actively banning robot accounts. It does make me want a subscription-based AION Classic, just like the retail version. The MMORPG in today's world is just self-destructive. The free game option is a good appetizer for those It may be valuable for someone who only plays for an hour or so. However, if you spend more than this amount on this MMO, you can almost pay the subscription fee.

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