Revamping Your Outdoor Furniture for a Stylish Hideaway

Each week, Mansion Global tackles a topic with an elite group of designers from around the world who work on luxury properties. This week, we look at freshening up your outdoor furniture.Get more news about Upholstered Outdoor Sofas,you can vist our website!

With warm weather upon us, there’s no better time to refresh outdoor spaces. Reupholstering seat cushions, restoring furniture frames, and introducing new or vintage items in trendy albeit weatherproof fabrics can facelift your patio, loggia and other exterior rooms. But for inspiration, look to the inside of your home, too.

Claudia Afshar, founder and CEO of Claudia Afshar Design in Beverly Hills, California, said your outside should “be a reflection of your indoors, making for a cohesive transition. Your home is so much more than what’s inside.”“I would suggest a more eclectic approach. The world of outdoor furniture has expanded, and there are now so many different pieces to choose from. Be playful. Outdoor spaces are often used for entertaining, so why not choose furniture that’s just as fun?

“Don’t be afraid to experiment with different accents of layered patterns and textures, such as a floral pattern, playful polka dots, or a unique geometric pattern. Be bold with summer colors like bright orange, lemon yellow or statement blue.

“From our Curious Crowd collection with HBF Textiles and Sunbrella, Sir Stripe-A-Lot is our twist on the classic cabana stripe, made contemporary and available in 11 dynamic color ways. Not only is it approved for outdoor use, but it’s also bleach cleanable. It adds an extra layer of durability, which is key for outdoor spaces.”To clean PVC or aluminum pieces, do not be afraid of using the garden hose, a bucket of warm water, and a bit of laundry detergent. This will break down all of the dirt and grime from the winter and leave your pieces sparkling like new.

“To spruce up your teak pieces, use teak oil to bring back the warm, teak tone. Apply with a clean cloth and let dry.“If you have iron furniture and want to add a colorful twist, have it powder coated (like a marine blue, geranium red or even yellow). You can powder coat anything that is steel or aluminum and that will weather-proof it while completely changing the look. Plus powder coating lasts a long time. If you have a lot of old furniture that is old school brown or green, try painting it black or white.

“Don’t choose wicker. It isn’t durable and won’t do well out in the elements—even the synthetic resin wicker tends to fall apart. Instead, go for teak, upholstered, or iron furniture.

“Invest in a good Perennials fabric and make the accents fun. Other outdoor textile brands I love are Donghia and Kravet. For your pillow fabrics, fabulous textile brands such as Walter G and Sister Parish are starting to do their block print designs on outdoor materials.”