We understand custom wristbands can be one of the most cost-effective solutions for promoting your event or charity, not to mention the benefit they have on security, crowd control, and access management. Unlike many other wristband providers in the US market, we offer a vast range of bracelet types - from paper wristbands to RFID.To get more news about Necklace with Picture Inside, you can visit koalaprint.com official website.

Our custom options include design, text, and graphics of your choice using our simple wristband designer service. For simpler requirements, we have ready-made wristbands that would assist with bag searches and security checks for example.

Custom wristbands are commonly used for festivals, charity fundraisers, and events because of their light-weight, chlorine & water-resistant nature, making them easy-to-wear and long-lasting. They can be easily secured and difficult to remove without showing clear signs of tampering or breakages.

All of our custom bracelets are printed here in the USA, this means we can complete meticulous quality control checks and ship your customized wristbands fast.

Tyvek & Paper Wristbands
As part of our custom bracelets collection, we offer a range of Tyvek and paper wristbands that can be customized to your requirements. These wristbands are a cheap, simple, and fast solution for admission control at events, nightclubs, and parties because the tamper-proof design ensures they are non-transferrable.

With our easy-to-use wristband designer, you can create a custom made design that is printed by us on a wristband of your choice.