This weekend, there is a live broadcast of the top 16 teams in North America and Europe that are advancing to the Burning Crusade Classic Arena tournament. Interested players can watch it on YouTube and the Warcraft channel on Twitch.

Before the qualifiers last weekend, more than 150 teams signed up. However, there are only 8 teams left in North America and Europe, which seems to mean that the epic ending of the first WoW Esports TBC Classic Arena Championship is set. The remaining team is made up of some of the best 3-on-3 players in the world. They have mastered the legendary arena and they are vying for a prize of $30,000.

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Blizzard stated that CAT is a celebration of everything related to WoW PvP. They recalled the greatest game of 2007 and the original starting point of WoW eSports. On the last day of the Classic TBC Gold broadcast, there will be a guest commentator and Holly Longdale, the chief producer of TBC Classic, to join the broadcast.

The live broadcast will start from July 23 to July 25 at 12:00 PM Central Time in the U.S. The prize pool for the event is $30,000, divided into $15,000 for each region. All teams will be able to receive a portion of the prize pool, with the first team receiving the largest share of 33%. Throughout the weekend, players can watch the live broadcast of the match on YouTube and Twitch, and players can also live stream their match on their Twitch channel.

The format will be a five-game double-elimination game with two wins to create the best opportunities for the best players. Even though they may perform poorly in the series, they will not be eliminated immediately. They will have a chance to save the situation in the loser group and return to the finals.

The commentators Supatase, Venruki and Ziqo of the Arena World Championship will host the TBC Classic Gold For Sale work throughout the weekend, and Esfand, MrGM and Pikaboo will join them. In addition, Venruki will welcome Holly Longdale, the lead producer of TBC Classic on Sunday. If you want more information, welcome to visit MMOWTS, where you can also spend less money to buy more Classic TBC Gold.