Recently, the closed beta of Amazon Game Studio's new MMO New World has been launched. For some new players, you may not know how to join the New World beta. In fact, this process is relatively simple. If you don't know how to join, you can refer to the following guide. In addition, players can visit to learn about the latest news of New World.

If you want to access the New World closed beta, there are two ways to help you. One method relies on random selection, and the other method ensures that potential players obtain access keys. No matter which method you choose, you must do so as soon as possible, because the New World closed beta will only go live in the next two weeks.

Pre-ordering New World on Amazon or Steam is a more reliable way to get the beta key. Players who pre-order the game will receive a key for the closed beta at some point within a 48-hour window after the purchase is completed.

Another way to get the New World closed beta key without players purchasing the game is to register through the game's official website and hope to randomly choose to enter the closed beta. Although this method does not require the player to spend any money, but this method will be more risky.

According to reliable sources, New World will be launched globally on August 31. The New World closed beta will last for two weeks and will end at 1:59 am on August 3rd. If you want to keep abreast of New World related information, you can add NewWorldCoins to your favorites.