One of the most important things of ARK: Survival Evolved is to build a base that could not only accommodate all of your supplies but can also resist attacks from other players and dinosaurs. Have enough items is necessary, you can buy Cheap ARK Items For Sale from The first time when you want to figure out how to design and build it, it can be difficult, especially when your supply and engrams are limited. Here are some practical tips for you to make it easier.
PVE and PVP design
The sort of design you create for the base is dependent upon the server you choose to play with. If you combat other survivors within the PVP server, you will focus on protecting yourself along with your belongings. It might add a complicated design to avoid those who might choose to break in and take your things.

However, the PVE server provides you with more creative advantages, so your main concern is the elements and offensive creatures. There are practically no restrictions on the design, except possibly the perimeter fence. Your design won't have to be military-grade, you can come up with something truly breathtaking.

Recommended design
No matter which way you determine to play, there are several recommended designs. Many people have realized that for PVP servers, the best way should be to start which has a hexagon and after that convert it to your dodecagon. It gives you many rooms to hold your belongings, not to mention that it can be harder for other survivors to understand where they need to attack your base.

The PVE server is more open because it is possible to use single-player cheat codes. Although there is no recommended design, you can look for ideas about structuring content online. Some people choose to produce a castle, while some decide to create a modern building you want to exist in the real world.
Start through the basics
In the beginning, you just need a basic cabin that has a foundation, four walls, a ceiling, and a door. You can make these with thatch when you start to use them, and then you can use different materials to upgrade. Make sure to leave enough space for yourself to expand, if you intend to have your tribe, you'll need a lot of space.

Reinforce with pillars
One way to ensure that your base is protected from survivors is to reinforce your room with pillars. Many players Buy ARK Items from reliable suppliers. Some people even launched a multi-layered ceiling with pillars within the middle for making their base stronger plus much more difficult to penetrate.
The idea is to make your enemies must do their best to break into your base and use the pillars in the right way to make them a real challenge.