Amargasaurus is a new real-world creature introduced on the Ark Survival and Evolution New DLC Lost Island. Dinosaurs are very important in the game, you can buy Buy ARK Dinosaurs from Players can issue commands to it and even ride. 

Amargasaurus Titanicus is a member of the sauropod dinosaur family and has two parallel rows of back spines on its back. The thorns are not only for showing off because they help control body temperature and allow Amargasaurus to live comfortably in extremely hot and cold environments. The same thorn is helpful for swimming, and of course, it can also be used as a natural weapon.

Amargasaurus Titanicus is easy to tame. That's because it is more prone to violence than other sauropod dinosaurs. However, for those who can tame them, they will also find that the spine is its best feature. If removed early, the heat storage of the thorn becomes unstable. This makes it very suitable for catalyzing the development of the sap present in many trees.

Amargasaurus Titanicus can also be used in combat. The warming/freezing waves from the spikes will affect the armor. It is worth noting that it is more effective for very complex armor. Amargasaurus Titanicus is indispensable for Lost Island DLC players. Taming it will make your exploration journey more smooth.

If you are also a Lost Island DLC player and want to own an Amargasaurus Titanicus mount, then you need to be patient to tame it. If you are just a casual player, you can Buy ARK Dinosaurs when you don't have more time to tame them.