Gamers can locate the Prime Series III: Kawhi Leonard packs and boxes at MyTeam Market. There is also the Auctions if you've got the MT to invest. In terms of the Kawhi Leonard Galaxy Opal, it's going for close to 1.5 million MT on the PS4 auction listings. Joel Embiid seems to be the second-highest on the auctions, with one listing going to 933,000 MT. Howeverothers went for under 600,000 MT, so keep your eye on that one.The CAPs finally have the capacity to add tattoos, but the hair and face sculpting is still behind games like MLB The Display, and many certainly WWE MT 2K22 names. Blowing this region of the game out will push an already powerful piece of the sport to another level. It seems just like the absence of this feature in NBA 2K games is a philosophical decision. For some reason, it appears 2K doesn't find the value in allowing its franchise gamers to keep their saves from 1 version to another. MLB that the Show introduced about seven years ago and its community loves the feature. 2K is still behind in this area.

The Long Shadow isn't an entirely different story mode than what you get on current-gen, but even if it was, it would be better suited as a standalone and optional manner that consumers could play and finish for a hefty VC reward and maybe a unique badge, but it should get an end. At this point, it feels like a mode that consumers are being made to play, and not given the choice to enjoy for its cinematic qualities.

MyTeam got most of its improvements on the current-gen version. On next-gen, there are a few distinctive courts and places, but it's mainly the same. That's not a bad thing as there was a whole lot of work put to the mode on current-gen, and your Buy NBA 2K Coins and set transfer over from you to another. The matter is that which still isn't included. Chief among the omissions is the absence of a draft style. Now, MyTeam might be the only sports collector style without the draft feature.