Pesticide Sprayer Company  mainly produces: vehicle-type long-distance air spray machine, suspension type long-distance air spray machine and track type air supply mist machine, etc. The independent research and development brand - Charis has developed into the most professional long-range sprayer manufacturer in China.
Since its establishment, the company has been in line with the concept of "based on science and technology, leading technology", committed to more than 10 years of dedicated research and development of air spray technology, to improve agricultural and forestry production efficiency and improve the working environment as its own duty, is committed to introducing and promoting plant protection machinery and equipment that is safer, simpler, more efficient and more conducive to the maintenance of the ecological environment. To provide users with the most appropriate, the most professional service, effectively reduce the majority of users production costs.
"unremitting scramble, endless pursuit", Chairs people will continue to forge ahead, for the country's agriculture, forestry development to make contributions.