In Ark: Survival Evolved, developers will patch and update the game as frequently as possible. Although some things may be buffed and weakened, many of the best items in the game remain the same. Players to buy Cheap ARK Wyvern from the store when they don't have to make them. Learning the best items in the Ark will allow you to survive on the harsh land of the island instead of eventually becoming food for dinosaurs. 

Ghillie Armor
Players might make many different armors from the Ark, each armor possesses its special attributes. Some are suitable for cold temperatures, some are suitable for heat, and many are suitable for preventing dinosaur claws from tearing players.

With this in mind, Ghillie Armor is one of the most effective defenses that survivors will have, as it reduces the dinosaur's vision by 50%. In addition, the chance of anything seeing you is greatly reduced, which is a huge boon. 

The most important thing is that the resource requirements are reasonable, and the players get a lot of heat protection and a fair amount of cold protection. The Ghillie Suit can certainly become one of the best items in the Ark. 
When players spawn in the Ark, they have nothing. After hitting several trees and collecting several rocks, they could make a stone pickaxe. Next, it's picking more trees and collecting more rocks, eventually building a stone hatchet, and maybe a spear. Early games saw players as cavemen seeking to avoid hunger.

But after the survivors can make a bow, their whole world will change. Suddenly walking in front of the dinosaur is no longer dancing with death. Buy ARK Wyvern has become a hobby of many players. Players may also use tranquilizer arrows to knock down dinosaurs quicker, keep a healthy distance from any unfortunate creatures they insist on hunting. The bow usually changes the rules of the game, and many people think it is where the game takes off.