Open the doorway to the bottom, and you will enter a factory-like construction. Go down a path RS gold to the left, and you will find a steel door, and an elevator. Open the steel door (which you can't enter), and use your tinderbox on your own magic log. Enter the elevator, and try to move the crank inside. You find out that it's secured, and you must enter the reply to a simple double digit multiplication problem (such as 56 * 28).

Sir Amik Varze?! However, who will rule over Asgarnia currently? What will we do until we catch their Lord to talk? We will stall. They will not kill Varze, since then they'll have no reason for us to give them back their Lord. Varze is powerful, and he won't give them information, but that may be the case with our captive. We might have to employ the use of a Truth Serum. You have done great work, Keldagrim and Falador are secure for the time being. We will call for you when we need you , Zachman3334.

Teleport to Falador, and Speak to Sir Tiffy Cashien: Sir Tiffy Cashien: This was a dangerous assignment, Zachman3334, that warrants great commemoration. You're now likely to combine the couple who are worthy of the Acolyte rank. Talk to Veldaban to begin your quest. Zachman3334, we have received information that dwarves from the Red Axe were at the Goblin Village. Would you believe they were trying to get them to their side?

We KNOW so, Zachman3334. We need you to talk to the both of these, and make sure that they know what Rs gold 2007 they're trying to perform. Got it!