Take inspiration from the most bizarre creatures in nature, Ark: Survival Evolved now enables players to seek out and tame fictional creatures which are completely original in the game, One of them is the majestic Maewing. To save tame time, many players often choose to buy PVP Ark Survival Evolved Items on the arkrex.com store. It is an extremely mixed beast, which appears like a mixture of a sugar Glider and a Platypus.

Although it isn't the first hybrid creature in the game, Maewing is one of the newest creatures because it only appears in the last DLC expansion of the game, Genesis: Part 2. Those researching ways to transport and raise babies should need a Maewing, especially given it also provides players using a very fast travel option.

Where to locate Maewings
Maewings are located in a large quadrant of the Genesis: Part 2 map; to be precise, the entire upper right corner. This gives players many chances to see majestic mammals soaring inside strange and exquisite scenery.

Since these creatures do not possess good water skills, whilst they are part of the platypus, it is advisable to wander on land when searching for Maewing. In addition, simply because they like to fly around, it truly is easier to spot them from hills along with highlands than lurking within the forest.

How to tame Maewings
Once you find Maewing, it truly is difficult to capture them since they are very frivolous, and once close, they will fly into the sky. 

However, they are not the strongest beasts, and you can knock them down with just a few shots with a tranquilizer weapon. This tool with proper range is enough to quickly knock down Maewing so that it won’t escape, this allows the player to fix them in some kind of enclosure for tame. 

If that you are using a less-than-ideal tranquilizer weapon, it can be helpful to use cyber projectiles to capture prey first to ensure that players can fall into line and shoot quicker.

Best food to tame Maewings
This mixed creature is an omnivorous animal, which implies it eats both meat and plants, but Maewings prefers some foods that others don't like. For casual players, they like to buy ARK PVP Dinos. They tend to prefer meat, especially high-quality Meat, Mutton, and Basic Kibble, the latter unexpectedly became their favorite. Providing them with sufficient such food will soon win Maewing.