More and more multiplayer sports games are played in 3D arenas, the most exciting of which is the Super Bucky Championship. This game was developed by Pathea Games, the creator of My Time At Portia. In fact, Super Buckyball Tournament was in preparation as early as December 2020, but it has been in the pre-release alpha state. The game has been receiving new content steadily, all of which are in preparation for the new free beta. It is now available on Steam. Many players like to play their favorite games on Steam, and even use Steam as one of their social methods. Among them, they went to Buy Steam Level Up to make Steam more beautiful.

Speaking of this game, because it is based on physical gameplay and a variety of lineups, many players feel that it is a combination of the two games. Players can choose among 11 characters, each of which has its own unique abilities and powerful ultimate moves, which can be used for attack and defense. Players can choose their own skills at the beginning of each game, adding an unpredictable feeling to each game. The auxiliary pass system allows players to pass the ball to teammates throughout the field and coordinate advanced actions by pressing a button.

The new beta version of the Super Buckyball Tournament in July adds a single-player career mode. Players will become team managers, allowing them to control all aspects of the team and become champions. Super Buckyball Tournament is usually a multiplayer game in which each player controls a teammate, while the professional mode allows players to freely exchange roles during the game, providing a higher sense of control. Pathea Games said that the single-player mode is still under development, and it is expected that more content and improvements will be introduced later. The beta demo will continue until July 22.

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