Some new creatures have been added to Ark: Survival Evolved Genesis Part 2 DLC.  If you don't have enough patience to tame them, you can buy ARK Dinos For Sale from Each creature has its unique characteristics, but they are just variants of the Genesis Part 2 DLC biome, so they are not included. Let us understand their characteristics together.

The combination of Dolphins and space creates Astrodelphis because it swims in the air. It is similar to star whales and ichthyosaurs, but its bizarre design has alien appeal. 

To tame it, you need to stroke it twice and then feed it elements. It is a good vehicle because its saddle has thrusters and lasers. If you draw a north-south line on the map, you will find Astrodelphis here.

Tek Stryder
Tek Stryder is a mechanical creature. It is most commonly found on the Eden side of the map, where you should build your base. It is docile before being attacked, and if you kill it, it will drop electronics, petroleum, and organic polymers. It does have a lot of health, and its stomping attacks can cause a lot of damage, so be careful in your methods.

If you wish to tame this creature, you should place Mutagel in the "0" slot for the hot bar and complete a certain quantity of tasks. Once it can be tamed, it can follow your instructions significantly.

Tek Wyverns is a mechanical creature, very similar to typical bipedal wyverns. Patrolling in the middle of the map between Eden and Rockwell, it can be found near the asteroid.

To tame it, you must lower its health until it turns blue, and then you must ride it. You should feed it mutagens every time it rolls. You will get a new tame after you have tried a few times

The summoner is a very aggressive species. They usually appear in the southern part of the Rockwell side of the map, and they can also be found in the Nenad biome along the longitude 20-25. 

When a summoner encounters aggression, every creature it summons will die with it. ARK Buy Dinos can help you enjoy the fun of Ark better. Summoners can only use cheat codes to be forcibly tamed, so if you encounter this threat, the best way is to escape.