Dremel Digilab 3D45 is a  premium 3D printer for beginners. It has a 255 x 155 x 170 mm maximum print size and a printing speed of 150mm/s. It can create higher quality nylon prints by mitigating temperature fluctuations.

It has a suite of monitoring systems that give easy-to-digest feedback to the user, with bed leveling, filament changing, slicing, and general monitoring of the status of prints, making it a viable option for beginners looking for a fully-fledged and straightforward 3D printing ecosystem. Dremel also provides a library of resources for educators, including training and lesson plans incorporating 3D printing.

When it comes to safety, it has a fully enclosed build volume allowing for the printing with trickier filaments, while a HEPA filter removes potentially dangerous particles from the air inside the chamber.  It also keeps the temperature more constant to reduce warping of printed parts.

The main selling point behind Dremel 3D printers is their reliability. Dremel personally put their printers through thousands of hours of printing to test whether they’re fit for consumers, so you can trust that the 3D45 really is a workhorse.

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