The new boat is similar to a katameran (2 hulled) and you reach the mysterious gliders. You must kill them all before they ruin the ship but they RS gold can only be attacked the stove or mage! Sadly the ship is stuck in the center of the sea, therefore Tegim decides to utilize the gnome tracker apparatus. This begins a brief minigame where you must keep the lever in the green for 1minute by holding your house to make it move up and letting go to make it move down, the green area will move about with all the differenet frequencies.

When the signal has been broadcast you're picked up from the gnome 12th as well as the newest 14th fleet, battle copters! You get returned into tree gnome village. After teleporting back to warn the king you will find him instructing an assault on the icebergs to the north and then Archeron.

Head to Larry that the zookeeper and notify him of your following attack against the penguins. He will hastily tell you of the violence occuring between the monkey and penguin cages together with ice and rocks being thrown at each other. Turn to a monkey and put in your amulet and ask the monkey what is happening. He'll state that the penguins declared war on the monkeys and have opted to conquer the entire world. The monkeys say the penguins can't be permitted to rule the world since the only ice cream flavour would be fish!

Put in your penguin suit and speak to the penguins and inquire what is wrong. They'll say that the monkeys are trying to take Rs gold 2007 around the world and will destroy the world, and the only fast food would be everything but fish and chips! Return to Larry and tell him the information.... He will then accompany you back into gnome stronghold, and wil lset off with you and murphy to the"Motherland".