One of the much-needed items in the expanded early missions, Nethergarde Bitter, is a must when leveling in WoW: The Burning Crusade Classic. They cannot buy the item in Outland, so players need to buy it before jumping through the Dark Portal.

Nethergarde Bitter is very much needed in the "Get Mirren's Trust" mission. Players will encounter this task in the early stages of the upgrade process of the Burning Crusade in Hellfire Peninsula. You need to bring the NPC Mirren Longbeard, located south of the Falcon Watch, a bitter watchman to complete the mission unique to the Alliance.

You can find this item in the Watchtower castle in the Blasted Lands. It is impossible for players to find Nethergarde Bitter in Outland. You need to return through the Dark Portal to complete the mission.

You can buy Nethergarde Bitter at the TBC Classic Gold NPC named Bernie Heisten in Nethergarde Keep. Players need to enter the Nethergard fortress in the Blasted Lands and then go to the fortress barracks on the left side of the building to find Heisten. You need to pass the required NPC in your own way. You can easily find Heisten by toggling the "Track Food and Drink" option on the minimap.

You will be able to easily complete "Get the Trust of Mirren" by purchasing the Nethergarde Bitter from Heisten in the TBC Classic Gold For Sale Hellfire Peninsula. Before entering the Dark Portal, you need to make sure to bring Nethergarde Bitter with you. This way you can avoid interrupting your upgrade experience by returning to Azeroth.

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