Anders Bjork Pillow Cover, I'm seeing quite a few articles and rumors about a Patrick Kane trade, and a lot of those rumors and articles mention deals involving Kane coming back home to our Buffalo Sabres. I realize there are some issues with bringing him home, issues like money and age and what it would cost to trade for him, but with Ike and Hall and Staal and Kane, maybe the Sabres could make a run at the cup? Maybe? Proposing trade specifics isn't really in my skill set, so I'm not going to speculate much on that here. I rely on you guys for that, which I'll hope you'll do in the comments below if you want The most recent I saw was Sam and Mitts and draft picks for Kane, which on the one hand if it gets us a cup in the next few years, okay, but on the other hand if not and in three or so years Kane isn't what he is now and we've lost younger players, maybe not.... Well, anyway, there's always a cost/benefit projection in everything and after projecting all those costs and benefits, what do you think about bringing Kane on home?PollBring Kane home?42%Yes (113 votes)58%No (156 votes)269 votes total