8. Raise Your Ship’s Rank for Better Survival
Starting with a basic Dhow, you'll soon find blueprints for Skull and Bones Items more powerful ships with ranks indicating their gear score. The maximum rank is five, and as late-game enemies can rank eight and above, upgrading is crucial. Equip better weapons, hulls, and furniture to raise your ship's rank and enhance your survivability.

9. Specialize Your Ships for Different Roles
As you progress, unlock various weapons and ships to create specialized builds. For instance, the Padewakang is ideal for explosives and mortars, while the Hullbreaker Brigantine excels with increased ramming damage and close-range weapons. Experiment with different combinations to find what suits your playstyle best.

10. Avoid Furniture Stacking
Furniture items provide benefits to your ship, but you can only equip one of each type. While similar effects from different pieces can stack, you cannot stack multiple identical items. Choose your furniture wisely to optimize your ship's performance.

11. Manage Cargo Efficiently
Your ship can carry thousands of kilograms of Skull and bones items for sale cheap cargo but has limited slots. With repair kits, food, and ammo taking up space, regularly offload excess materials at Warehouses in Pirate Dens or Caches in Outposts. This frees up slots for loot and other essential resources.