The battle in WoW Classic is much harder than in modern World of Warcraft, and you will be severely punished or even killed for making mistakes. If you are new to WoW Classic, running the dungeon may be very difficult for you. Because you will not be resurrected at the beginning of the dungeon, but will be teleported outside the dungeon to a nearby cemetery, and you must run for a few minutes to get back to your body. This is too bad for a novice. But don't worry, here are some tips to help you.

The first step is to find a team to manage the dungeon. You will need to use the "find group" chat channel, which will be filled with players trying to recruit specific characters for their party. You should know some Burning Crusade Classic Gold jargon, so here is a quick overview: LFG means to find a group. This is usually used when a player is trying to find a group to play together. LFM means looking for more. Used when a group is trying to fill a spot in their party. Sometimes they may say things like LF2M, which means that the party needs two other players.

The recruiter will specify the role they want: tank, healer, or DPS. If you are a novice, you should probably stick to a DPS role that can be done in any profession. Because DPS is the most common type of occupation, although there is more competition, but less responsibility. For example, the tank is the de facto party leader and needs to know how to pull monsters, command the team, and knock down the boss.

After finding the group, you can go to the entrance of the Hellfire City Wall and start to complete the dungeon together. Follow the captain's instructions and consider letting your teammates know that you are new. If they want to avoid educating newbies, you may be kicked out of the party, but most players will be enthusiastic and helpful. When you try to defeat the dungeon, you need to be aware that the dungeon is very dangerous and you must be careful to kill the monsters. In World of Warcraft Classic, tanks must work hard to build hatred on monsters and keep their attention, and DPS can easily cause too much damage and cause monsters to anger, which will quickly lead to death.

Unless otherwise instructed, always let the tank attack first. In addition, you should always focus on the target that the tank is attacking to make sure you don't get hatred from them. Be careful to send area effect abilities or send spells. DPS can easily surpass the tank and become the main target of monster skills. It's worth noting that if a rare loot is dropped, only roll it "needed" on it if it is an upgrade suitable for you. Otherwise, throw "greedy" or let other players own it. In addition, you can purchase a large amount of WOW Classic TBC Gold from the MMOWTS official website to enhance your strength in the game.