When people are after me for runescape 2007 gold whichever reason, they usually get stuck, but I do not? This happens all the time to me. So if the creators could improve the neatness of the movement system, I think that it would be a lot better for your Runescape community (in my opinion).

It would assist by allowing players more liberty when moving. And I think if they created a brand new moving system (using the point-click in your mind ) it'd make players just enjoy the game a little bit longer, not running pretty slow and walking bizarre.

I can say that perhaps they could even make a WASD movement for the players. Although, people not to happy if they did so (acknowledging that a number of you don't like the improvements/updates which Jagex has made lately ). Do you have any hints on how they -could- create the movement system simpler and neater/cleaner?

Some more details to get this idea out. Since I only took a couple of minutes to form the OP. If you want to type any material whatsoever, you click a box that highlights and is totally prepared to type (regular"Enter" for quick chat). I believe the WASD idea goes really nicely, Jagex just needs some time, also I'd be happy to wait for this when they ever opt to plan such an idea. I don't actually approve on the arrow key movement, then it would be too close to the mouse, and could be annoying to me.

Type of like the box on Runescape HD, you can easily click this (possibly make a box like Guild Wars did?) They had a great idea with their chat and movement system. The present movement system is actually quite annoying me, it's kind of weird the way my characters go, and that I noticed it ever since I started Runescape years back. Jagex should do anything that would enhance the game without really changing the routine. They need to cheap RuneScape gold work something out.