Requirements to construct Fishing Room: 55 Farming, 30 Fishing, 75K Cash Dock Hotspot: There are many kinds of docks you can construct RuneScape 2007 Gold, but in the event that you're able to only manage the bare minimum, oh well. Teak Dock: 60 Construction, 20 Teak Planks. Stone Bridge-Dock: 65 Construction, 10 Limstone Bricks. Granite Bridge-Dock: 75 Structure, 10 Marble Bricks.

Regal Docks: 90 Structure, 4 Magic Stones, 1 Tinderbox, 11 Marble Bricks, 10 Gold Leaf(Imagine the regal dock for a minute here... lovely gold and marble docks... marble torches in the entrances, enchanting archways at the ends of the pathways that open to the middle, a beautiful sight for anyone who desires their PoH to appear amazing.)

Fishing Hotspots(All require 55 Construction and the various Fishing Level necessary to fish the fish) : 10 Buckets of Water, 10 Seaweed, 5 Raw Tuna. 10 Buckets of Water, 10 Seaweed, 5 Raw Swordfish. 10 Buckets of Water, 10 Seaweed, 5 Raw Monkfish, Completion of Sawn Song Quest. Manta Ray: 10 Buckets of Water, 10 Seaweed, 5 Raw Manta Ray, 1000K Money.

There is 1 kind of Hotpost inside this room, which will be tree hotspots. Prerequisites for Woodcutting Forrest space: 55 Structure, 30 Woodcutting, 75K Cash

Kinds of trees( All require 55 Structure and the Woodcutting Level to chop the tree): Willow: 25 Willow Logs, 1 Willow Root. Teak: 25 Teak Logs, 1 Magic Root. Mahogany: 25 Mahogany Logs, 1 Magic Root. Yew: 25 Yew Logs, 1 Yew Root. Constructive (No Punn Intended) Critisism is Appreciated, Thus Gimme your ideas mates, tell me if you like my Regal Bridge cause I sure loved thinking a dock up to match the name.

We all recognize that the whip particular blows, therefore I was wondering why not alter it? I believe the current special(removing 10% of damage to ur run) is pointless, the special is weak and no one really needs to run and this only works on gamers (as far as I understand ) and rather than 10% run watever to be 10 percent attk (or 15 percent ) bonus and minus 3 def and 4 str lvls and take up all of the bar, but unlike most specials similar to this Buy RS 3 Gold, it would be achieved while hitting the npc/player.