With the upcoming release of Burning Crusade, game changes will also bring more freshness to players. It is reported that Burning Crusade will increase the character's level to LV70, which also means that players need more WOW TBC Classic Gold, and Gold farming will still be important. Therefore, mastering the method of obtaining gold quickly in the game can make you one step faster than others.

1. Use the auction house to earn TBC Classic Gold

Whether you are a novice or an old player, you will use the auction house for various reasons. Being able to effectively use the auction house to earn coins is a good way for players to increase their efficiency. Buying low and selling high are often used by players. The best way to earn a steady income from auction houses is to buy raid materials such as potions and flasks at low prices on weekends. Being able to list them at high prices will bring you a lot of gold in a week.

Keep in mind that playing auction houses like in the stock market can become tedious for some players, and for players who are interested in making gold a core part of the World of Warcraft experience, this is just a recommended strategy.

2. Making gold through professions

When you make gold by profession, you do it by cultivating materials from the open world yourself and crafting them before selling them to other players. Mining and herbal medicine are the best occupations in material agriculture. In addition, you can follow the best route provided by these online guides when farming materials to find different ore or herbal nodes to collect and store in World of Warcraft.

3. Running dungeons in TBC Classic

The dungeon is home to several key crafting reagents, including dark runes and large glorious fragments, which are still relevant and can be sold at auction houses at high prices during the first few stages of the TBC Classic. In addition to getting as many passive gold coins as possible from the enemy, you can also pick up some saleable items and equipment that can increase your total income for each dungeon.

The above is the practical method of farming gold coins summarized by MMOTBC for you. I believe that many players have used it in World of Warcraft nostalgia, but this is still applicable in the Burning Crusade. If you don't have enough time and energy to cultivate gold coins, then I recommend you to Buy TBC Classic Gold from MMOTBC, which is efficient, convenient, safe and reliable. It is a good site for players to quickly obtain Classic TBC Gold.

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