Yesterday, the number of gamers who logged into Steam accounts at the same time reached 24 million at a certain moment. I don't know how many Steam users there are in the world. But I think someone should think of Steam the same as mine.

Steam is the most relevant product of this era. The rapid development of electronic technology, the change of lifestyles, and the enthusiasm of the game industry have created Steam, and Steam has also affected people. When people are still addicted to alcohol and tobacco, when people are still playing with their game consoles, Steam was born when people are targeting traditional industries.

Valve has attracted countless players with its own games, and the release of Half-Life and DOTA is refreshing. It opened a new door to the history of the game and changed the player's perception of PC games. In the era when the game experience was only obtained by spending money, the initiative has been slowly handed over to the players.

After that, Steam turned out to be a game app store. Become an aggregation platform for thousands of creators and publishers to communicate directly with players. Through Steam, players can better manage existing games and explore more exciting games.

It also launched Steam Level Up and Steam Community functions, providing players with a post-game communication community. Share game experiences, learn about game updates, learn other players’ operating instructions, and post funny game pictures. You can also collect Steam trading cards and synthesize exclusive game badges so that you have a cooler profile interface.

To facilitate player transactions, the Steam market was launched. Steam friends have complete functions, exchange items, exchange games, and use special emojis. More abundant shops, various types of games are available. There are many free games. New games are added every week, and various discount activities are also allowing players to get favorite games with lower consumption.

The Steam account is already a valuable virtual item. Although it is meaningless from the point of view of the material world. But the player bought the game with real money, and Buy Steam Level Boost.

Steam controller and a Steam streaming box and the application of VR technology, players will have a better gaming experience.