According to the latest news, the publisher VIZ Media has updated the Western release window of Animal Crossing: New Horizons Deserted Island Diary comics from the previous "Fall 2020" to a more specific date September 14, 2021, and announced the comic. The cover of the first volume. This sign indicates that the Comic Crossing: New Horizons Deserted Island Diary will Buy Nook Miles Tickets debut on September 14.

If you are very interested in this comic, you can now pre-order the first volume at Barnes & Noble for $9.99.

According to the product description, this 128-page comic tends to be comedy, with a lot of "stupid jokes and stupid stories", and it will explore what Animal Crossing: New Horizons villagers do when the player is away. It is said that it also has a cartoon highlighting each villager and a bonus section with game tips and tricks.

The Deserted Island Diary released this time is in English, and its Japanese version was initially launched in Japan in July 2020. If you are eagerly looking forward to the localized distribution, you can preview the artistic style of the comics on Shogakukan Comics (via Siliconera). In addition, if you are also playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons, now is the best time to buy Animal Crossing Bells. Because MMOWTS is selling Bells at the lowest price on the market, you can Buy Animal Crossing Items get more Bells at a lower cost.

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