The hottest topic on Steam recently is St4ck, the player with the highest Steam level. His Steam account has been reported by various media, and the value of the account has been estimated. Most of the results are about 280,000 US dollars. So what aspects should be used to estimate value in general?

The first thing everyone can think of most is games. Although there are a lot of free games on Steam, many of the top players have a lot of games. One player owns 24,209 games. Of course, it may be a bug, or he may have added games from other non-Steam stores to Steam. The game itself has a selling price, so the current selling price of all games can be used to calculate part of the current value of a Steam account. The value of St4ck's more than 4,000 games is calculated to be 36,000 US dollars.

Of course, buying games without skills can increase the value of your Steam account, but really smart people will use it for Steam Level Up. Buy a game to get 1 point XP, but if you participate in Steam sales activities, then you will gain a lot. Because you can get reward badges, which contain a lot of XP.

This is different from the badges we synthesize using Steam trading cards that are randomly dropped in the game. It is rare, beautiful, and distinctive, which makes it valuable.

The smartest thing about St4ck is to synthesize the Steam craft badges. Each of his badges has been upgraded 5 times by him, and one badge can bring 500XP. He also contributed a lot of items, backgrounds, emojis, etc., and a few hours of game time per day also allowed him to obtain a large number of Steam Level Boost packs and a large number of cards.

In the end, the value of St4ck's 6,500 badges and decks was estimated to be around US$240,000. And he has become the highest-level Steam user through less than 5,000 games and more than 6,000 badges. The player with the largest number of games is only level 513, and the player with the largest number of badges is only level 1709. His Buy Steam Level Up methods and techniques are simply textbook levels. Successfully used less capital to obtain the greatest benefit.