The Path of Exile recently launched a Val-themed alliance with a large number of rampant Ultimatum Tim monsters, and the Rich Summoner building took advantage of this advantage. It turns out that the Wall-themed expansion is a great addition to the game, thanks to its almost gambling mechanism of looting loot. Another aspect of "Ultimate Mage" is that every time the referee waves their hands, many monsters will spawn, and many of them will eventually become rare enemies with stronger affixes, which makes them stronger than ordinary enemies or magical dead. It's harder to be killed. However, there is a way to benefit Path of Exile players and their minions summoned by POE Currency.

Path of Exile introduces unique gloves in Blight League. Whenever a player uses a rare monster, Breathstealer allows players and minions to create Blight Spores. When trying to maximize the speed of clearing minions in the last wave of each level, the fact that minions activate their gloves makes them very powerful. But what does the withered spore do? They usually spawn where rare monsters die and inherit all monster attachments, and add a random halo on the top to affect all allies within their radius.

Undead thieves can build monsters in the path of exile, especially for witch summoners such as wizards, which are very powerful. Considering that the modifiers of the killed rare monsters are all brought to the withered spores, he can obtain an affix like the aura of other allies will not die. Effectively prevents the player and his minions from staying on the withered spores. Be killed in it, or unless he is killed. Necromancers also have an affinity for auras, and this structure takes advantage of its advantages and can help any servant with multiple overlapping buffs.

In fact, the main minion used in this version depends on the player's preferences, because this version is very flexible in terms of equipment and working methods, so Buy POE Currency, and auxiliary gems can also be exchanged. Except for two specific gems, they are most likely to be in the best position for exile, minion damage, and the skills of all minions of the Elemental Army. The first is a general damage multiplier, but the second is more interesting because the elemental resistance bonus allows the creep to have more tanks, while increasing his elemental damage and applying a critical strike on hit.