However, the path of exile is the best and the worst at the same time. In each league, although the GGG adds the previous league mechanics to the main game, the situation gets worse. As someone who has performed well in the past few leagues, when I put forward the concept of Zane and Zane, I like challenges and new additions. It has been a long time since I reviewed Path of Exile in a formal form. So please briefly describe the current status of past patches.

 I tried very hard to abandon the mechanic and gave up the alliance before the patch was too late. But I think what it adds to the game (integrated Delirium map, clusters) is amazing. The Harvest League ruined the game for me. My favorite mechanic was easily added to Path of Exile. I found that it did not match the visual impairment of the developers. Although the garden was frustrating, 
POE Currency can only help the game. This is still my favorite league.

There are too many robbed partners. I have played many times, but I don’t like work that requires various mechanisms. When dealing with robberies, blueprints and authorized robberies, it is very difficult to unlock and upgrade these gangsters. I still think that the use of the robbery mechanism is not ideal, but I think it might one day be the case. POE currency will let you achieve a more ideal state.

 The Ritual Alliance is a perfect example of a great alliance mechanism, which makes a series of amazing changes to the game itself. Seriously, I don’t know that I don’t need the atlas to be animals, but now it offers a lot of things in terms of playing the way they want to play and providing motivation to push the map. In general, this is a great league and my highest performance since harvest. Exalted Orb will also make me feel more at ease in the game.