Many players like hyper-realistic gunplay shooting games, but it is very difficult to master this kind of game skill, especially to escape from Takov, which is particularly unfriendly to novice players. This is not only because it is an escape game, but also because It does not have any tutorials, which means that when you start a raid with low-level equipment for the first time, the raid is like a baptism.


Escape from Tarkov is a hardcore predator shooting game with RPG elements. To escape from the city of Tarkov, the player has to survive an attack step into a map of the city.


When you make a raid, whether you are a selected faction in PMC or a Scav raider, if you escape, you can choose to store the loot or sell it for huge profits. As a PMC failure, you will have to pay for your recovery and replacement of equipment.


 If you want to avoid the constant fear of losing all your equipment and money, then you must improve your EFT skills to survive better.

EFTCoins provides you with the following skills:

1. Run Scav raids first

2. Insure your gear

3. Always have access to a map

4. Learn where your extracts are

5. Complete quests

6. Make use of your secure container

7. Bring only what you need to a raid

8. Keep an eye on your health

9. Keep an eye on map times

10. Make use of offline raids

11. Add meds to your quick bar

12. Wiggle if you're friendly

13.Be wary of bosses

14. Work on your hideout

The above are the tips for EFTCoins. If players can master these tips, this will allow you to obtain satisfactory equipment and sufficient money in the game to help you quickly escape the city of Takov. As a Beginner, it is a very long process to spend the novice period. You can also buy EFT Items quickly with the help of No matter what stage you are in the game, we will help you enjoy the game better.