Pokemon sword and shield players are fully aware that capturing shiny Pokemon is tough. Many players on Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite won't ever encounter Shiny Pokemon.

That being said, despite the high odds of facing players, you may still find many stubborn players who dedicate hours to look for Shiny Pokemon. In short, sometimes players will expend dozens of hours tracking specific shinies, sometimes, shinies will look for them. 

A player at Reddit said that after spending 90 minutes seeking the Galarian type of Zaptos, the sparkling Tyrogue square immediately charged them. As you know, the possibility of wild stars shining is one out of 4096.

In short, it's a square shiny, which can be rare in breeding, yet it is more common within the wild. Nevertheless, they are still very rare and charging you immediately once you meet a legendary just isn't something that happens every day.

A player uploaded a video, and as you might expect, this video was taken directly to the top of the game’s Reddit page, which is dominated by shiny-catching moments. This is not the luckiest shiny moment to pop up on the Reddit page, but it is there. 

You will rarely find this kind of close legendary and shiny between each other. In other words, and we don't know if the participant will keep chase shiny. Some players simply cannot invest too much time and energy, so they choose to buy Cheap Shiny Pokemon on the pkmbuy.com shop.