Takov is a very challenging game.  If you simply want to make money and just run the knife in the novice period, then even if you run the knife and start to install the picture later, it will be nothing. The suggestion I give here is to start with the mission of the Russian businessmen and follow the mission to gradually become familiar with the guns and the map.


The merchant's first task is to kill SCAV at the customs. For novices, this task is not difficult. As long as the player does not go to the two key firefighting areas of the dormitory building and the gas station, they will rarely encounter people. The area where the task is best completed is the factory area, which is usually scattered with a lot of SCAV.


The best way to get weapons in the novice period is to buy directly from merchants, or directly from reliable third-party service websites such as EFTCoins.com to buy cheap EFT Items, which is fast and safe, It is the most practical to fight SCAV. LPS is a killer shot for targets below level 4A, and most SCAVs just meet this condition. The first mission of Russian businessmen can be easily completed in this way.


The last thing that novices are advised to do in the early stage is the task of the medical goods merchant because most of the tasks of the medical goods merchant have to go to many dangerous areas on the map. Novices of this type of task can be selectively ignored in the early stage.


After completing a few tasks for half of the merchants, the level slowly rose to about 10, basically unlocking the flea market. The game started after the flea market was opened. Many mission props and accessories needed to modify firearms need to be solved through the flea market when the merchant's reputation is insufficient in the early stage. At this time, we have to familiarize ourselves with the prices of various items at the flea market.


The last thing is to be familiar with the various material points in each map and understand what items can be brushed at each point. This requires you to continue to explore.


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