On Thursday, Jagex released its newest Old School Runescape (OSRS) Treasure Trails growth. The new update is a sizable one adding a ton of RS Gold new challenges and characteristics for beginners and pros alike. While a large section of the content targets starting and free-to-play gamers, the devs also contained changes to articles for premium subscribers also. In the upgrade, fresh scrolls clue rewards are added, and the frequency by which Elite and Master puzzlers will experience the Mimic Boss has improved also. These are only a few of the numerous changes recorded in the Treasure Trails upgrade patch notes. Below, we have compiled a comprehensive overview of everything new and changed in the newest update.

One of the biggest changes the Treasure Trails growth brings is the addition of beginner clue scrolls. In the past, clue scrolls were just available for premium subscribers, but with the current upgrade free-to-play players have access to some other set of beginner clue scrolls. The newest clues are a series of brief 1-3 step hints that may be completed by any participant regardless of experience or membership. The new clues offer rewards for finishing them but seasoned players are not required to finish beginner clues so as to acquire Watson's Master hints. You can take a look at our guide with all the new suggestion scroll solutions, here.

Apart from a new coach, the update provides a segue in the X Marks the Spot Quest to Beginner Clue Scrolls. After the quest is complete, Veos will reward players using a Beginner Clue Scroll, and direct them to speak to the new suggestion mentor to find out more about it. If you have already completed the quest, you will still be able to maintain your Beginner Clue Scroll reward from Veos. Stash units have been added around the free-to-play area for Beginner Clues that require things to be worn out.

Though conventional clue scrolls have included riddles anagrams and ciphers, beginners will experience a new kind of clue scroll aimed at teaching them how to craft new items and gear. These hints come from a homeless guy in the game called Charlie. The final change added into the April OSRS upgrade is that the annual Easter Event. As previously, players are in for a pun-filled celebration of Spring. Throughout the event, players are tasked with assisting the Easter Bunny gather components to fuel his egg-making machine. Players must tunnel through the Easter bunny's burrow system to locate his helpers Eg, Egg and Eggy who will aid in locating the necessary ingredients. Completing the event allows players to Cheap OSRS Gold unlock all the prior Easter holiday event rewards as well as some new ones.