Well, I hope you like these thoughts, and OSRS Gold if you do, I would appreciate you posting that you do. Or, if you have some critisism to assist, it is ALSO appreciated. And a thanks to you if you have read ALL of the.

I have looked through Sal's Suggestions Forum and also the official RuneScape Suggestions Forum, also haven't seen this indicated. Although it has not been officially indicated, I'm sure it has been lingering in the minds of gamers. Clan Wars. Pretty cool.

But what's the purpose of it? You simply fight another clan and if you win you're declared victor. That is not that great. So what, you get some xp then you just get a screen saying you are the victor, who cares? How do we make this match more... enjoyable? Why don't we include a Staking feature?! It would work like the Duel Arena.

The player that is hard the other clan may set the principles, but all the clan members participating will have the ability to see the duel options display and can add money. There of course would be a limitation to this. It would be approximately 100k, to maintain a stable market. Then when you fight you have something to fight over! Ideas? Wise old guy suggested that to stake there must be at least 5 players on each clan. I love it. There MUST BE AT LEAST 5 PLAYERS ON EACH CLAN BEFORE YOU CAN STAKE!

Heb0 had any great ideas. It is a fantastic idea, but there is a few things that need to be addressed: How could the money be divided among players, and how would the bet be Buy OSRS Accounts compensated at the beginning (i.e. will the sum everyone submitted be the same or could there be differences?) ?