An account inside OldSchool RuneScape is an alternate expression for the participant profile, character or RS Gold even avatar. As you can imagine, each account has its own credential that is assumed to be possessed by one person at the moment. Interestingly enough, one player can have numerous OSRS accounts as long as he does not exploit the match. As any accounts, the OSRS account retains information regarding participant's advancement and, as previously mentioned, in addition, it retains the player accountable for any breach of principles stated in the Code of Conduct. Additionally, Jagex, RuneScape's developer, does not allow trading of OSRS accounts whether in-game or in the actual world. Despite this, OSRS accounts are still being sold because Jagex can only permanently ban players for trading their accounts in-game, since they cannot control real-world trading.

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As mentioned before, players are permitted to have multiple OSRS accounts as long as they abide by the rules mentioned in the Code of Conduct. In most scenarios, players have one account where can be invested the most, called a primary or primary accounts, and other reports, known as secondaries or options, that are disposable and are regarded as pures since they are made for a certain function, typically for money making.

First and foremost, it's important to touch upon what's a"pure" within OldSchool RuneScape. A pure is an alternative expression for an accounts construct, for example void pure for example. Pures generally concentrate on a particular skill tree rather than levelling multiple skills at the time so as to be effective in that specific skill.

Within OSRS there are infinite personality build options which could be listed under Combat pures, Ability pures, also known as level 3 Skiller, and OSRS Gold For Sale Ironman Mode. Ironman Mode isn't exactly a pure but it's an account kind so we'll briefly touch upon it anyway.