Understanding the legend of the path of exile is often as difficult as trying to master its intricate game system. It can become quite chaotic and lost in the dark fantasy behemoth. Therefore, you should understand its knowledge before publishing.

You may be wondering how the Alliance fits into Path of Exile 2. Each alliance has its own list of stories and characters. According to demand and reception, some of their functions seem to have penetrated into Canon's storyline. It turns out that some leagues are regarded as their own storylines or schedules. This is a bit like the hypothesis of comics. In this way, developers can modularize them and decide which of them to include in the official timeline. Obviously, this is how the previous league will affect Path of Exile2.

The sin and innocence in the original game are important figures in the storyline. They almost helped the player kill Kitava and straightened Oriath. It may have been 20 years, but Path of Exile 2 seems to be playing an important role for them. If you look closely at the game trailer and video stream of Path of Exile 2, you will find that the user interface magic ball is bounded by innocence and sinful possession. This may also be just an aesthetic choice, but considering how they change UI elements to accommodate knowledge updates, Sin and POE Currency may be just a part of it.

Sadly, the innocent people considered to be the gods of goodness disappeared in the action. As he said in the closing dialogue, he was exiled at the end of the storyline, which nicely means that he was dormant or absent for more than 20 years, until Path of Exile 2 happened, and maybe even more. many. This caused many problems for his pantheon and followers. It is unclear how he adapted to the Path of Exile 2 storyline, or whether he is left with only UI design. POE Currency Buy is the key to making you stronger.