Recently, some players discovered that Resetti's brother was hidden in the rescue service application of the Animal Crossing: New Horizons game. The island rescue service app used by the players is run by the angry reset mole mouse Mr. Resetti, who has been the main content of the series since the original Animal Crossing game. In addition to Mr. Resetti, other members of the rescue service Animal Crossing Bells team can also express the content of "the service operator is taking a break" over the phone.

In fact, Don Resetti answers the phone in the same way as Mr. Resetti, but this is not very similar to Mr. Resetti. During the phone call, you must first mention his name and his calm behavior. Don not only looks taller than Mr. Resetti, but also slenderer, he also has a goatee figure, which is what makes him different from Mr. Resetti. At the same time, Don is very patient, he is more patient than his brother, so he is more friendly to the players. However, he is very rare in the game and has not yet been recognized.

Similar to his first appearance in the early Animal Crossing game, the game requires players to quit without having to save several times in a row to see him. Animal Crossing: New Horizons players need to call the island rescue service multiple times to trigger the Don Resetti call. After answering the call, he transports the player to the desired drop-off location and explains to the player that the usual operator is in "rest".

Those who have long loved the Animal Crossing series of games should remember the scene of Don Resetti in the Reset Surveillance Center. They were able to build part of the public works project in Animal Crossing: New Leaf and located in the restricted area of ​​Animal Crossing: City Folk In the tunnel. However, if the player wants to gain access to these locations, the player must try to visit them at certain times of the day, and only after a few visits can the Nook Miles Ticket player meet the real Mr. Don instead of Mr. Resetti.

Players discovering Mr. Don in the rescue service application is one of their many discoveries in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons game. They have also noticed the unique behavior of the frog villagers, and discovered that players can actually make crafts with the villagers, and even some players have discovered that they can actually control the football fish from outside the fish tank, and so on.