Once you've managed to make it through your first couple of minutes about the island without dying, you'll consider building a base. A well-designed base will shield you from the elements, keep gathered resources and supplies secure, offer a place to keep crafting, cooking, and farming equipment, and - most of all - protect anyone with creatures from your island's hostile forces.

Building Your First Base
To develop your first base, you'll understand basic principles of leveling and Engrams, resource gathering, and crafting, and you'll have assembled no less than a couple of simple tools - ideally, a hatchet and pick. If you need items on all of that, you can cheap buy ARK Survival Evolved Items on arkrex.com.

Where To Build Your Base
When you're want to establish your first base, you'll ideally wish to find a spot that provides easy access towards the game's most frequently-used resources - namely Wood, Thatch, Fibre, and Stone. As mentioned previously, the beaches where most players start aren't probably the most resource-rich areas hanging around - so, once you're equipped for basic survival, consider moving inland somewhat, away from your often heavily-populated coast.

What To Build
When you are looking at base building, you may be as practical, or as fanciful, when you please. All bases will share several core elements, needless to say - and you'll have slightly different requirements depending upon whether you use a PvP server or PvE. Initially, however, all you'll need to create is a spot to keep you safe from the world outside - so four walls, a ceiling, and also a foundation to get it all on should suffice. Arkrex.com provides all Cheap ARK Items, if you need them, please choose us.