World of Warcraft can be called the whole of video games. Now they have confirmed the specific release date of World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade. This game will appear in both classic and modern forms.

Many players have been addicted to the game World of Warcraft before this. Asmongold, as a Twitch streaming program and long-term WOW fan, is one of the players. His view of the WOW Classic Gold current and future state is not optimistic, but it does not prevent him from being infinitely passionate about games.

Asmongold released Twitlonger. For World of Warcraft, his attitude is disappointment and frustration. The Classic WOW Gold latest patch 9.1 of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands brings some changes to the quality of life. Asmongold’s statement indicated that these changes took a long time. The current state of the game shows that they are not doing enough. Asmongold did not fall into a particular system, they were just frustrated that they continued to use many of the problematic systems they already had.

The focus of Blizzard is to move from the development of new and interesting systems to the recycling system and to encourage players to work hard. They regretted the systems that had to be farmed or purchased and the players had resigned. He believes that players can express their opinions and no longer accept what Blizzard gives.

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