Diablo 2: Resurrection and Path of Exile 2 are very similar, but the games are very different. They share certain aspects, and their scope and purpose are different.

This often happens in the Diablo series and Path of Exile, and both Blizzard and Grinding Gear Games arranged a big deal for their products on April 8. Diablo 2: Resurrection was available to streamers and content creators in the early stages of Alpha. Soon after, Grinding Gear Games held a live conference to show off the new Path of Exile 2 trailer, some POE 2 gameplay and so on.

It feels a lot like Path of Exile 2 is a game designed to repair and fix the errors of its predecessor, and its production method is Grinding Gear Game trying to regain control of the spacecraft. Although Path of Exile is a very successful game, although it can still be played even after Path of Exile 2 comes out, the sequel still gives the game a further opportunity.

Path of Exile is a game based on POE Currency, so players can play for a few hours to get more items and currency, thereby improving their character. The problem with this method is to increase the speed first, because clearing 10 cards in an hour will produce fewer than 40 or 50 cards. Therefore, the game has gradually become a game where players tend to abandon defense or build diversity to cause millions of damage per second.

It seems that POE 2 will be the next-generation game, and its graphics and engine will need long-term updates. This is a new environment, the most successful part of the prequel has matured, and new elements and functions have been added to solve the problems of the past. Although it retains players rather than holding hands throughout the game, Path of Exile 2 may retain this aspect while hoping to be more friendly to those who are more casual or just starting out. POE Orbs can make you more powerful in the game.