Grinding Gear Games had recently been a headache for various sordid rumors. A disabled person posted in the community that because he was disabled, he had to use a macro to play Path of Exile, but soon after entering the game found that it banned their account, which made them feel very humiliated And angry. Subsequently, the post was reposted and commented by many people, causing a terrible influence. In fact, this is simply a false rumor. Anyone can still use POE Currency and macros to have fun.

Poelegalthrowaway00 wrote in their now-deleted post that he could only use one hand and a few fingers after he disabled. It also prevents them from playing Path of Exile like normal people. Because when playing Path of Exile, players must frequently use potions to keep the characters alive. It bound the potion to the number keys and requires them to be pressed every few seconds, although the specific situation depends on the player’s specific character structure. In fact, people with disabilities cannot press 4 keys every few seconds, so they use a macro that is automatically executed for themselves.

Obviously, the problem here is that using this type of automated program violates the terms of service of Path of Exile and even most multiplayer games. Because those macros that automate certain tasks can disrupt the game and help players POE Currency Buy. In more complex situations, macros can play the game with no manual input, such as in the notorious gold digging robot in World of Warcraft.

But using macros to assist people with disabilities is a very different field. Like many ARPGs, there are many clicks and buttons in Path of Exile, the game moves at a quick speed, and there are many actions on the screen. Except for some basic knowledge such as the ability to rebind keys, there are not a lot of built-in options that can help more people with disabilities enjoy Path of Exile more easily. They can also buy POE Currency to improve the overall strength of their characters, so that even if they cannot press certain keys in time, they can temporarily ignore those minor injuries.