The steam level is the level of the Steam account of the Steam player. Players need to register a Steam account to play games through Steam, and then they can match their purchase and play information based on the account information. And registration is very simple, so the Steam platform is still very applicable. But the purpose of multiplayer is to use Steam as a tool, so does the account level make sense?

As the largest PC game store, Steam has a large number of free games and paid games. There are tens of millions of gamers online every day, how many people will really pay attention to Steam level?

Currently, the most influential player is the player with the highest level. His level is 5000, and he is also a young rich man, with an average of more than 8 hours of online games every day. I have been studying him, thinking about the reason why he spent 200,000 dollars for Steam Level Up.

First, with the popularity of the Steam platform, a lot of news about the Steam platform has also attracted players' attention. As game players, it should be their goal to become the strongest of a certain server. The first place gave him great satisfaction. You can show off what you have on Steam. And the number of players on Steam is already very large.

The second is that some players want to reflect on their gaming experience and achievements, which gives them the intention to share. The Steam community has also assembled such a group of players. And players with high Steam levels will also look dazzling.

Second, consider it from Steam itself. Steam to increase the player's game viscosity. Set the game achievements, the random drop of Steam trading cards. Previously, XP could be earned by playing games. After getting these free things, players will naturally want to use them. Design your own profile interface.

The magic is that such a mechanism is very popular, and Buy Fast Steam Level Service also has a large market. Steam once launched Steam supplement packs, Steam gems, and other items. Based on the needs of these players, corresponding background pictures, emoticons, and rare Steam trading cards have also been introduced.

Of course, currently Steam has used the needs of these players as a means of game promotion. Steam points store and event promotion reward badges all require players to spend a lot of money. Of course, they can either provide exquisite items or provide a lot of XP.