This spring, Animal Crossing will once again host seasonal events on Labor Day. From May 1st to May 7th, 2021, players can experience the maze in Animal Crossing. If you are an experienced maze solver, the mazes with different layouts this year will bring you more freshness. Moreover, if you have completed the previous Animal Crossing maze, this time "Cat Wanderer" will be your new reward.

This year, Rover, who is in charge of Animal Crossing's seasonal activities, will host the "May Day" event. Rover’s original job was mainly to help players establish their characters when they started playing new games. The blue cat with wide eyes was one of the characters in most Animal Crossing games in the past. Now, in order to guide players into the warm weather in the game, Rover's character creation guide has been replaced with a character guide.

In this "May Day" event, players are not allowed to Buy Animal Crossing Items use the main attraction of "May Day" in their town, which is different from other seasonal activities. However, in this "May Day" event, there will be a maze on a special island, and it can fly with New Horizons Dodo Airlines. Players can get "May Day" tickets by talking to Orville at the airline front desk. This ticket can be used on any day between April 29th and May 7th and can help players fly to the island on May 1st. This year, players can participate in the flight as long as they get tickets, but last year players had to talk to Tom Nook before they could go to the airport. This is the difference between this year’s May Day flight event and last year’s flight event.

Rover will provide new awards to those players who completed the Animal Crossing May 1 maze last year, such as SPOILER AHEAD-a photograph of Rover-END SPOILER. Of course, for those players who have not completed the Animal Crossing May 1 maze or participated in the maze challenge for the first time this year, they will also receive Rover's 2020 awards this year. Because Wuyi Island can only be visited once, if a new player wants to win both awards at the same time, they must trade the 2021 prize or complete the challenge again next year.

It should be noted that players can only use the resources available on the island to unleash their creativity to solve the Animal Crossing Items puzzle of the maze. Because after the player travels to the island on May 1st, during the maze challenge, the game will temporarily remove all inventory items. This seasonal event of Animal Crossing: New Horizons will be very suitable for players who like more video game challenges.