Although Path of Exile’s latest extension, Ultimatum, launched on time in the middle of this month, it is not without controversy. Recently, the Grinding Gear Games team came out and lengthily explained what went wrong in the game, including acknowledging that allowing the streamers to bypass the queue was a mistake. Last week there was a series of POE Currency that affected the release of Ultimatum. As GGG pointed out, they pointed out that the queue is very slow when it starts up.

GGG concluded they can disable migration, which will cause the queue to be empty. However, players will miss some standard progress. Although this solved the speed and performance issues, it still failed to eliminate the dissatisfaction of the players. Since GGG allows broadcasters to bypass this queue, this gets worse, because it is naturally bad for the community. The team regards influencer marketing as a priority streamer, because streamers have paid for two hours of streaming media fees. So basically, like most things in the industry, it is done for Buy POE Currency.

However, GGG pointed out that most streamers do not require detours and should not blame. GGG also allows other moderators who are not part of this influencer’s activity to bypass the queue. This intensified the contradiction between the players and the development team. Under pressure from public opinion, they admitted that this measure was very wrong and stupid. It does not provide the audience with what to watch while waiting and have to watch other people enjoy this freedom.

They pointed out that they will not allow streamers to bypass the advancing queue. Instead, they will focus on ensuring that the queue moves completely faster. Players can now log in normally and start their own brand new adventure. Some players who are more competitive will choose to buy POE Currency and then raise the character’s strength to a powerful level as soon as possible before accepting the challenge, which is also a very smart approach.